Antanians are the "peace loving" humans. They are the slow-to-grow civilization, borne only by the ground they reside upon.

Prior to the great battle:
A calm civilization, distant from the Nameless Ones and their "savior." Spread out, and mixed around, they could be seen with almost any crowd.

After the great battle:
Punished severely, many groups of Antanians were destroyed, leaving only one as a warning to all oppose "he who has no name." With time, as any civilization, they recovered. They inevitably became a strong grounds for trade, servicing all kinds of goods.


Sanctified Gem:
Precious Peridot

The Rair

Nameless Ones

Same as The Rair; modified slightly from the Heniz and Steffen dialects.

Special classes:
Coming.. when someone discovers the first one!

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