DT's Idea Page

->destructible buildings
->banks that compound interest daily
->guilds & guild halls.
->houses, mailboxes, letter system.
->gem doors
—>hidden from plain view, open without warning when you have x gem equipped
->equipment buff on equip, prep for gems

so all of my ideas:
[fate-determining objects]
Basically, objects that can seriously screw with your character - they can do a lot of things. They can change your stats for the better or worse, mess with skill points, statpoints, money, plop items beneath you, or change gender. Stuff like that, that's really cruel, but they don't have to be encountered. People can optionally mess with these objects, at their own risk. Probably will label them [x] of destiny.

[boss strength]
every boss should be able to get stronger by player choice, you use a certain spell, item, or whatever
they drop better loot
they become so much stronger

thyrsus - staff
http://ancienthistory.about.com/library/bl/bl_iaq_7.htm —> stuff

[awesome staff]
a staff that turns things into zombies. introduce this at halloween and give it to a rarespawn set of monsters, and turn them loose. BLOOD flag for all!

another possible class.. reference arc rise fantasia
essentially a necromancer, but more bardish, so possibly a combination of the two?


nahm, in my D&D campaigns of old, was a magician that was incredibly strong, and as such, he created a lot of higher-level magics. He released these magics in scrolls, possibly other mediums, for others to use.

[nahm skills]
most of these, in practice, deal a flat number of damage, and aren't affected by external things. Some of them, however, can be manipulated to make them stronger. Some of them don't even do damage, though.
Nahm's Wrath - damage
Nahm's Fury - damage
Nahm's Valor - damage protection
Nahm's Courage - damage protection
Nahm's Infliction - status effects, probably broken up across several spells
Blood Pool - Marked down as ?? in my book, so interpretations are out on the table.
Polymorph Self/Other/Object/Corpse
Nahm's Transmutation - turn objects into money for their full value, or possibly more
Nahm's Rage - damage/buff
Summon Nahm (who, in turns, summons his pet Dracon, which has a good skill set:
Dragon breath - AoE damage
Dragon Rage - lots of buffs
Dragon Fury - rapid melee attack
Dragon Wave - a pulse wave AoE damage attack
Dragon Haste - self acts much more quickly
Dragon Boost - increase all sorts of damage output
Arc of Death - Magic damage multiplier bonus
Icequake - freeze surrounding ground and objects
Flamequake - set fire to everything around you
Nahm's Piercing Cry - shrill sound that debuffs targets, buffs allies
Lunar Eclipse - blind targets, boost magic
Solar Eclipse - damage targets, blind targets
Bishop's Rage - flat light damage
Sage's Fury - untyped damage
Healstrike - heal hp on hit, if connects
Deathstrike - chance of killing opponent instantly
Rapidstrike - rapidly hit opponents
Nahm's Bolt - flat damage
Orion's Arrow - flat damage
Explosive Arrow - aoe damage on hit
Elemental Arrows - shoot arrows of different elements
Nahm's Claw - piercing damage
Meteor Shower - random damage over an area
Surge of Darkness - lots of dark damage
Titanic Blessing - lots of buffs
Criteal - critical heal; lots of health restored
Holy Flare - lots of damage
Storm Surge - thunder spell
Deceitful Mist - increases defensive attributes of party
Nahm's Shroud - ^
Cloak of the Titans - invisibility on the party
Decoy - create decoys of self

Cannibals with faces on their stomachs and no heads. And sharp claws too, why not.

make each faction control certain spells they 'forged' to counteract something or used for something, and make a lore bit on each spell individually

a super cool boss, energy, giant lair, throne room, etc. one of the "stronger" powers in the story.

[paladins and knights and the third tier]
Paladins should get skills such as
Aura of..
Barrier of..
Shield of..
Essence of..
Courage, valor, honor, bravery, chivalry, and virtue, and more.

Solomon will be a key player in the game, pun on key. He continuously loses his keys, and he will give quests for people to find them (how did he lose a key in a cave, anyway? HOW IS HE ALIVE?!).

[the item, of doom]
there'll be an imbuable item, some random trash item, but very significant to the story (most people will probably get rid of it), but there will be either a guy, or a magic fountain, or something — you can get the item imbued with any form of magic, or something, most likely with a restriction.

[active gem]
A gem out of all of them that can be set as "active." When active, it creates a buff, eg.
ruby - +5% strength/mys
timeless topaz - +30% walkspeed +5% attackspeed
diamond - + 5% all stats, -10% speed *advanced gem*
precious peridot - +10% luck
insightful sapphire - +stealth, -stealth detection, rogue rolls if can stealth, otherwise +steath detection
energetic emerald - +5% con/will
tourmaline - +10% elemental damage -10% physical damage *advanced gem*

a class that has an insanely high luck
his luck causes so many random things to happen - eg monsters tripping while running, items falling from the sky, gold getting surfaced from the ground, or something.

Destructible Buildings-
O … … .O
O … … .O
X … … . X
X = wall
O = overlapping Wall/Ceiling Tile
. = Floor
W = Ceiling Tile
Make them blow up.

Gems — I always loved the concept of using gems or other artifacts, such as relics, as a main point of gameplay. They would be required to progress through several things, and I had even thought of a "temple of the gems," where one would place gems to get to other places in the game, although these gems wouldn't be required.

In addition to gems themselves, there could be towns representing each gem (Diamandia, Tourmia, Perli, Sapphira, okay, these are bad, but examples..), wherein you would actually need the gem in question to enter. In that sense, they act as keys as well as useful tools. There could be one on each continent/area, or they could all be in one area.. who knows. Speculation.

Blood enchant — after using a piece of equipment so many times, it would be able to be "blood enchanted," meaning it gets random effects such as +stats, +hit rate, or whatever if you enchant it. each item is limited on enchants though.

In addition to blood enchanting, there could be regular enchantments cast on a weapon as well, these could be learned with a scroll or something.

[custom grid]
In addition to enchantments, an item could be further customized with a 'customization grid': basically, each item would have a grid that's x by y squares, and there could be pieces that are found (probably rare, crafted from gemstones, dropped from bosses? it could make a whole tradeskill, too), that basically look like tetris pieces, of more bizarre shapes and sizes, of course. Some would be 1x1, whereas some might be 3x2, and some might not even be a recognizable shape, just an abstract curve - who knows? Basically, this would allow each item to be customized FURTHER (yay for player customization) and give players more to look for. In turn, their items could also be turned from useless to useful with pieces. Of course, some pieces would be removable from this grid, some would not. It'd be like getting gear for yourself that only you can wear, and some you could give away, except with different sorts of items.

[grid piece bonuses]
attack+xxx (all stats, combinations of stats)
elemental strike (fire, ice, water, wind, etc)
status effects on hit
stat reductions on hit
permanent buffs (regen, blessings)
boost elemental damage
xxx bane (where xxx is a type of monster, like insect, dragon, human, etc)
max damage + (damage is increased when at max health)
near death + (damage is increased when near death)
big critical (critical damage is increased)
boost special action damage
deadly strike(+/++/+++) (more likely to cause a critical hit)
master mage (more likely to cause a higher level magic cast, stronger)
combo strike(+/++/+++) (if combo hits were ever implemented, this could help them)
block defense (hit through the targets defense)
blow special defense (possibility to pass immunities like physical immune, or somesuch)
elemental resistance (fire, ice, wind, water, etc)
debuff resistance
specific debuff resistances
defense boost
defend & heal (heal when defending, only really applicable in turn based games, copied for sake of completion)
boost heal (receive more healing from healing effects)
auto defense (automatic chance to defend when getting attacked)
frantic defense (always defend when near death)
block physical (higher chance of negating physical damage)
auto-heal (automatically drink potions when near death
prevent death (small chance to survive a hit that would normally kill you)
physical reflect(+/++/+++) (attacker takes half/full/more damage when attacking, does not negate)
block critical (negates critical damage)
boost elemental resistances
boosted magic (higher chance of casting magic at a higher level)
fast casting
save mp (chance of not using mp when casting)
boost x/y/z
fleet of foot (move more quickly)
lone wolf (do more damage/take less damage when alone/not grouped)
boost steal (higher success rate on stealing)
boost item (items are more effective)
heal on kill (restore some hp when killing an enemy)
xxx on kill (do stuff when the target dies)
hp max on win (chance of increasing max hp by 1 when killing an enemy)
more xp/money/points towards blood enchant
nagging curse (gain no exp; gain more points towards blood enchant)
treasure hunt (more chance of finding items)
self-healing (cast a minor heal on yourself)
first aid (cure status effects)
taunt (make monsters come to you)
hide (hide from monsters)
[stat] stock (add to your stat)
morale support (add a level bonus to an ally, for calculation purposes only)
intimidation (lower the level of your opponent for calculation purposes only)
observation (reveal information about target)
gather [stat] (increase effectiveness of next action, probably moderately high casting time)
absorption (heal damage on hit)
hp/mp exchange (sacrifice hp for mp)
mp/hp exchange (sacrifice mp for hp)
mp/hp pass (pass hp or mp to a target)
sustention (status effects last longer)

Azdel and Nilk — obvious, Zelda and Link pun, but Azdel searches out for Nilk, female/male respectively.

[bard class]
he can use bells, or harps.
I read a book with the most amazing set of bells, though we would have to change the names:
* Ranna - the sleep maker/taker
* Mosrael - Death to life, caster dies
* Kibeth - Forces motion, or takes it
* Dyrim - Causes or takes away silence
* Belgaer - Grant/revoke freedom; take over the target,
* Saraneth - Bind target and make them a servant of the user
* Astrael - Force everyone around to a near-death status.

I also thought of the songs they could do
Song of… (or Harp of…)
* Athena - Wisdom buff
* Ares - Strength buff
* Apollo - no buff, just amplifies spells
* Artemis - Gold/exp gain increase
* Demeter - Harvest more objects (for mining, herbalismish, etc..)
* Dionysus - drunken user!
* Hephaestus - fire AoE spell
* Hermes - Agility buff
* Hestia - Warp to town
* Poseidon - Water/ice aoe
* Zeus - Thunder AoE
* Erebus - Shadow effect (cloak user, maybe)
* Gaia - Earth AoE
* Aether - Air AoE
* Chaos - uh, this one could be a LOT of things
* Nyx - Night, this one could cloak, too
* Hades - uhm, something
* Uranus - Wrath of the heavens AoE

Oread - Mountain
Dryad - Oak Forest
Meliad - Ash Forest
Hamadryad - Forest in general
Naiad - Water
Hydriad - Water
Nereid - Sea
Oceanid - Sea
Helead - Swamp
Epimeliad - Protector of Sheep

Aidenn - Arabic for Eden
dunno, there could be some use for this list.

Gyoro and Ururun - Fire and Water, taken from star ocean, this could be a modifiable and useful idea.
Fuujin and Raijin - Gods of lightning (FF reference yayz.)

I copy and pasted these from my original txt file. what's here is here and complete, what isn't.. isn't.
Rebirth - Revive spell with a better name
Heal Self - obvious
Heal Others - obvious
Healing Light - aoe 1 tile
Ball of Healing - homing heal
Ray of Healing - biggy biggy ray comes down on some guy and heals him, bigggy heal, about a 2 second heal
Sun of Healing - AoE 2 tiles
Prayer - wtfix
Snapshot Heal - very fast heal 0.5 seconds but not a good amount of hp healed
Auto Heal - Self Restore once dead
Ressurect - obvious
Crescent Moon - wtfix
Full Moon Bullet - a bullet with teh power of teh M0000N
Moon Shield - you harness the power of the moon to be ubered defenced up!
Moon Bind - moon hovers over monster and binds into place
Moon Dust - aoe damage, large area, small damage
Purification - purifies the target with holyness… owns undead monstesr?
Goddess' Tears - attack from far away.
Sacred Wave - aoe 1 tile damage
Holy Wave - aoe 2 tile damage
Sacred Ball - a big yellow ball
Sacrifice hp -> mp
-the following are my current buffs-
HP - max hp +
CP - max cp +
STAMINA - max sta +
EXP - exp boost
HASTE - fast atk speed, move speed
Blessing Light - hp+ HoT
Martyrdom - kill self, fully restore party
Soul Restoration - mp -> hp
Reflection - conjure a magic mirror that is like wowz!
Break Hell - crack in floor leads to hell blah blah ahnds come out trying to grab teh monster big damage
Break Heaven - clouds above monster light goes down big damage
Ice Arrow - arrow with ice on it boom freeze maybe
Ice Rain - shoot arrow into sky turns into lots of arrows they all turn into ice arrows AOE
Ice Dragon - 1 tile ice aoe
Ice Barrier - bring a barrier over yourself or target ice
Ice Pillars - ice pillar come out of ground and hits monster.. or pillars surround monster and then get sucked into the monster
Ice Breath - wtf? breath ice? kay
Engulfing Heat - AoE DoT fire damage.
Fire Bomb - straight attack, explosion
Fire Orb - homing attack(s)
Fire Wave - a big wave of fire D:
Fire Heart - creates an orb, which shoots fire bombs in every direction for a limited time.
Fire Breath - be a dragon for 1 second woooooooot
Earthquake - yessums powerful aoe
Boulder - throw a big boulder maybe multiple targets
Push/Force Push - push enemies away
Earthen Fist - punch the ground with uber powerz uber aoes all the ground goes up and owns monsters
Earthen Pillars - same as ice pillar but more earthy
Meteoric Rain - fire/earth aoe
Acid Spray - body down, DoT
Acid Swamp - AoE acid spray
Earth Spear - stun chance
Water Spear - speed loss
Ice Spear - conjure a ice spear and throw it freeze big damage omg
Fire Spear - same as above fire spear
Flash - agility down
Avalanche - omg… fill the map with snow?!?!
Orb of Conjuration - uhm say wut?
Orb of Health - summon an orb to stay beside you and follow you.. it heals you every 5 seconds of so
Enchant Weapon - *Element*
Piercing Spear - shoots in a row, attacks, then passes through, and attacks another.
Harmony of the Gods - ZOMG i got it… new class.. bard! uber buffs class! YES! YES YOU HAVE GOT IT ELE YESSSSSS YOU MUST DO THIS IT WILL BE THE MOST NEEDED CLASS.. SCREW THE CLERIC I WANT BARD OR I QUIT BEING NEU!!! btw BARD uses INSTRUMENT to play a nice piece of music wich buffs up the party around him for a long time
Judgement of the Gods - heal party, attack foes
Cross Cut - cut a cross fast ZOMG
Destructive Fist - …
Concussive Fist - …
Stunning Fist - …
Hurricane Fist - summon a hurricane with your fist? or like..
Hurricane Slice - like wtf?
Divine Flare - a holy little flame.. wow
Shining Weapon - weapon damage bonus self only
Shining Armor - defense bonus self only
Force Breaker - uhm.. no idea with these
Body Breaker.
Mind Breaker.
Wisdom Breaker.
Mental Break.
Physical Break.
Stupify - make the monsters ai lame and make loads of bugs in the game
Divine Crush - zomg summon a massive holy hammer and crush teh monsters.. YES!
Judgement of Heaven - omg omg i know! lights go and burn a monster zomg YES1111111
Crusade - aoe/heal/dot opp
Holy Aura - deal damage to foes when attacked
Holy Ray - dot
Judgement Buster - homing damage
Energy Ray - omgomgomgom energy wowwww
Shining Buster - wtF?
-resistance spells
Leech Life - leech. life.
Leech Conjure - wtf?
Dark Bolt - throw a dark bolt.. because it will be so fun throwing one ;_;
Sleep - oohh resistance spells hmm.. dont know what to do now
Nightmare - damage while sleeping
Wind Shackle - slow down spell
Leech Life(Corpse) - how do you leech life when you are a corpse or from a corpse? WTF
Leech Conjure(Corpse)
Fire Force - fire damage boost
Sacred Force - holy damage boost
Ice Force - ice damage boost
Earth Force - earth damage boost
Corruption - poison, sleep, stun, (all debuffs basically)
Blaze - target aoe
Chain Thunder
Crisis - physical stats down
Shadow Atrophia - all stats down, DoT AoE
Corpse Explosion - zomg… owns? not really.
Fire Trap - yes.
Sacred Trap - trap.
Ice Trap - me
Earth Trap - uber bugs with these
Shadow Trap - uber bugs with everythingggggggg weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Stardust - wtf? aoe damage, large area, small damage
Seed of Divine Light - see invis
Seed of Shadows - invis
Seed of Searing Blood - Dot
Seed of Tempest Speed - speed buff
Seed of Arctic Chill - freeze
Seed of Earthen Fury - mass damage
Seed of Siphoning - drain hp cp
Seed of Health - restore self
Seed of Mana - again
Seed of Stamina - again
Dragon Stance - monk stance
Rabbit Stance - ""
Monkey Stance - ""
Shades of Heavenly Death
Nepenthe - sleeping potion
Litany of [something] - recital, probably a bard skill.

phantasy star online creditz
foie fireball in foward motion increases speed at lvl 20
gifoie fireball that circles around you becomes 2 at lvl 20
rafoie explosive fire on target enemy with area affect area increases at 20

barta iceball along ground that goes through enemies
gibarta icespray that is like a cone shape from char
rabarta icenova area is increased at lvl 20

zonde strike of lightining from the sky
gizonde lightining that bounces from enemy to enemy
razonde lightining nova

midgid chance instant kill pierces at lvl 20
grants light based attack on one enemy

anti cures statis effects inceases the amount of things as it gets higher in levels
reverser rez
ryuker opens a telepipe to town

shifta increases attack power area affect at lvl 3 and gets bigger with higher lvls
deband increases defence power area affect at lvl 3 and gets bigger with higher lvls
zalure decreases enemy attack
jellen decreases enemy defence

arc rise fantasia spell reference
ice = water + earth
thunder = water + wind
dark = fire + earth
light = fire + wind

spell <spell level 2> - description
blaze <flame detonator> - deal fire damage to one target
fire shell <flame curtain> - fire resistance bonus
heal <healing tears> - cures hp, cleanses status at level 2
water shell <bubble curtain> - water resistance bonus, more at level 2
wind slicer <aero twister> - deals wind damage in an area
wind shell <silver curtain> - wind resistance bonus, more at level 2
sunder earth <earthen spear> - deals earth damage to a single target, more at level 2
earth shell <sand curtain> - earth resistance bonus, more at level 2
icicle <icicle rain> - hits a group of enemies with ice damage, deals more at level 2
thunderbolt <electrocution> - hits a single enemy with lightning damage, stuns at level 2
shining light <shining bullet> - hits light damage on a single target, stuns at level 2
nightmare <hypnotic wave> - hits targets in a circle with dark damage, possibly causing them to fall asleep at level 2
fireball <fiery vortex> - fire damage to a single target, several hits at level 2, +confuse
mighty charge <overload> - fire resistance bonus +atk bonus
spread wave <rainy arrows> - water damage to a small area, poison at level 2
cure status <?> - cures status
storm <whirlwind> - hits an area with wind damage, silence debuff at level 2
booster <speed boost> - speed bonus in an area, more boost at level 2
earthen grave <earthen trap> - deals more earth damage to one target, petrifies at level 2
stone wall <endurance> - defense bonus, higher bonus at level 2
icy edge <icy coffin> - hits a single target with ice damage, can immobilize at level 2
lightning <blast impact> - hits a single target with lightning damage, stuns at level 2
regeneration <holy blessing> - heal over time effect on the target, heals much more at level 2
dispel magic <magical disjunction> - hits targets in a circle with dark damage, and cancels any positive buffs they have
burning drive <ignition> - fire damage +stun at level 2
life force <above and beyond> - max hp temp bonus, full heal at level 2
healing stream <healing rain> - heals hp in an area
liquid howl <tidal wave> - hits an area with water damage, atk debuff at level 2
slash gale <turbulence> - hits an area with wind damage, defense debuff at level 2
raising wind <raise spirit> - revives an ally with about half health, gives hp regen heal over time at level 2
grand break <earthen destruction> - hits an area with earth damage, speed debuff at level 2
revival <reincarnation> - grants an auto-revive-on-death effect, lasts longer at level 2
force shield <fortress> - prevents the target from taking physical damage, lasts longer at level 2
flash ride <overdrive> - grants magic damage and resistance bonus to a target, amounts increase at level 2
banishing ray <shooting ray> - hits with light damage in a large area, sickness debuff at level 2
magic shell <Anti-magic Field> - prevents the target from taking magical damage, lasts longer at level 2
inferno <volcanic beat> - fire damage, water resistance lowered at level 2
reflection <pain reflection> - physical damage reflection, lasts longer at level 2
full care <great blue> - full heal, removes debuffs at level 2
aqua squall <wavy sphere> - water damage to a single target, fire resistance debuff at level 2
cyclone <tempest> - wind damage in a large area, earth resistance debuff at level 2
acceleration <ward of quickening> - grants blitz effect (lower costs to act); lasts longer at level 2
gaea prison <gaea grid> - hits a larger area of targets with earth damage, wind resistance debuff at level 2
protective wall <flawless protection> - gives a no-damage buff to a target (lasts for one hit), gives a defense and resistance (magical) buff at level 2
frostlock <freezing cage> - hits all targets in a circle with ice damage, magic power debuff at level 2
judgment <thor hammer> - hits lightning damage in a circle, paralyzes at level 2
raising call <spirit call> - revives a target with full health, grants bless status (revive-on-death) at level 2
chaos bind <void infinity> - hits all targets in a large area with dark damage, resistance debuff at level 2

[dungeon & monsters]
[ignore the demanding context, they're just ideas and I'm lazy.]
monsters in the overworld will only drop trade items, occasionally good items.
monsters in dungeons will be dropping better items
dungeons will be played out on a seperate server
dungeons will be "instanced" like WoW
entering a dungeon is limited per day but has requirements to get in such as level, party size, etc

[systems so far; hosted reliably on skydrive]
Smithing System: http://cid-07a07aa435b8daf6.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/smithing%20system|_src.zip
Eventual goal: make smithing require more than one person - thanks for the idea tek
Things like this: a small chance of getting a better item than what you made, Sword -> Well-Crafted Sword

Weapon Generator: http://cid-07a07aa435b8daf6.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/weapons|_src.zip
items created based on classes, too. "of Wisdom" "of Valor" will give clerics and paladins a 1.3% bonus to the wisdom and con stats, respectively. Do this for all classes and a possibility for all random items. To check for them:
bonus += etc
… or whatever.

[npc names]
npc=list("Madatob","Diptusuroy","Frozbozina","Rien","Dain","Mereten","Lodawijik","Hoolau", "Hydran","Angedrya","Derehity","Mendetia","Flaskena","Monadint","Doplai","Golnohu","Tiamus", "Ohypseth","Anthony","Borien","Edward","Apyms","Symanodic","Petrochyc","Gialritun","Aydn", "Ementias","Stinayin","Ragnio","Neoria","Zotgye","Ryuna","Vancas","Umarin","Tegono","Jed", "Tegaei","Unterro","Ceraten","Idarine","Kris","Lednato","Yzinta","Quzare","Veritas","Jan", "Werina","Xintas","Shera","Jhenti","Roxy","Circos","Diagon","Zupa","Galpago","Arnes","Ned", "Rorian","Sori","Epica","Aranos","Oropei","Bein","Borios","Seigai","Seijiara","Devi","Demios", "Fasces","Felix","Eques","Elegia","Saretus","Arcus","Aer","Harena","Acies","Lysander","Ingens", "Prae","Impetus","Caelestis","Aequil","Dirumpi","Libido","Lyra","Aureus","Sanatio","Falx", "Aranea","Tectus","Copia","Laqueus","Erro","Ampulla","Bellare","Sapientia","Lupus","Nihil", "Hrothgar","Heorot","Lucien","Lucius","Grendel","Serra")

[maze world]
With the recent introduction of my maze generator, I think it might be appropriate to have a maze dungeon or world or something that consistently changes itself when no-one is around, thus making it a different experience each time you go into it. I think that'd be fun.

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