The Fyians are a society comprised entirely of Amazons. Despite the lack of male that is typically in society, one appears once every 73 years, to help grow the tribe back to a large number. 73 years is the average lifespan of a Fiyan.

Before the great battle:
A civilization torn by war, and the desire to fight. Thieves were common, urder was often, and most crime was to be expected, daily. When the great hero rose, that all changed…

After the great battle:
The Amazons returned to Fiyau, where they lived peacefully, for the most part. The only thing they had to compete with now were the beings of the jungle, and the animals of the plains.


Sanctified Gem:
Energetic Emerald



Ancient-speak, difficult to comprehend without an architect's understanding of tablets.

Special classes:
Coming.. when someone discovers the first one!

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