The Great Battle

It all started with those Antanians and their human need for conflict. One by one, they organized people together, and started a rebellion against "him." Only one member of each faction would join, most people did not want to start a war with "him," and many people were clueless as to the situation to begin with. Once all of the factions and gems were united, they set out to find the Temple of the Gems.

These warriors were determined to get into "his" palace, and using all the gems in their possession, broke the seal on it. Little did they realize what perils waited inside — by the time they found it, it was too late. The doors had been sealed shut behind them, and they had their common goal in mind: freedom from "his" reign. Filled with puzzles beyond ones comprehension, the Ryian was a strong asset in this group. They soon found out it took great strength to survive the puzzles that lay ahead.

As they reached the Zenith of Madness, the band of heroes paused. What was to become of them, they wondered. The doors that stood in front of them opened, and a daunting voice spoke out to them: "I have been waiting for you, mortals. Do you dare defy me?"

The furious Antanian led the charge upon "him." He was unable to even put a mark on this beings body — it couldn't be real. With the wave of "his" finger, there was a bright flash of light, the Antanian was missing, and a Peridot lay on the ground, glittering bright.

"Which of you foolish mortals is next?" the voice bellowed. The Fiyan could not resist the chance to sharpen her blade on "his" body. She approached "him," and was immediately cast into the Emerald in her possession.

The Steffen warhero, close to the Heniz warhero, found this to be an opportune time to launch their offensive upon "him." They got no farther than two steps away from their standing spot, and they were cast away into their own gems.

Four of their comrades lost, the Rys, Nameless One, and Rair seemed to want to give up and attempt to gain their own power. It succeeded for a time — The Rys gained their palace in the sky, the Nameless One gained strong magical power, and the Rair.. well, no one knows what happened to him, he never seemed to have changed. At some point, "he" got fed up with them, and turned the Rys and the Nameless One into their gems. The Rair that remained was put in charge of delivering all the gems back to their respective towns, under the threat that he may face the same fate. He was also supposed to convey that they had succeeded, but he was the only one alive, to prevent future uprisings.

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