Lobby Commands

/help - Bring up the menu
/channel x - Change your channel to x
/friend key - Add key to friends list (also, /unfriend)
/ignore key - Add key to ignore list (also, /unignore)
/roll x - Roll a die with x sides
/im key - Send an IM to key
/options - Show the options menu
/moderators - List all moderators

You guys can't do these.
/system - Show system options
/motd - Message of the day, to everyone, aka announce
/boot key - Boot key from the lobby
/mute key - Mute key from talking
/unmute key - Unmute key
/ban key - Ban key from lobby and game
/unban key - Unban key
/modadd key - Add key to moderators
/modremove key - Remove key from moderators
/reboot - Reboot the lobby (this should not be necessary)

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