The Mage, short for Magician, are disciples of the Nameless Kingdom. They use their spiritual energy, or "mana," as it was christened by the Nameless being who had taught them. The basic teachings taught how to materialize your inner energy. They'd also been taught how to 'unlock' more potential, however that may be, bringing the abilities to conjure ice, channel water, and shape air/earth to their will.

Some think there is a way to use the power of the night to aid oneself, but if such a magic existed, there would surely be a trace, somewhere.. if it ever existed, it was now lost in the depths of time.

Typically, magi can specialize in only one element at a time, but it is rumoured that there is a master who has learned to utilize all four magics at once, conjuring with his left hand, fire, and channeling water with his right, and use his mental power to bend the air and earth to his will.

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