Nameless Ones

The Nameless Ones are strict followers of the Ginfeswechal religion, one designed by "he who has no name." They are an ancient community of magicians and scholars.

Prior to the great battle:
A godless & wicked civilization, bordering on civil war. They were led by a dictator who attempted to unite them, under a single cause. Shortly after, "he" descended upon them, and led them to a paradise. The dictator was furious with "him," and led a crusade against "him."

After the great battle:
Society of temples, floating objects, and magical scholars. This was the future — a future heightened by their religious belief. This belief granted them many talents they would not have otherwise, such as the power of magic. Emissaries of the Ginfeswechal religion spread their "miracles" to other cultures, giving slight magical talents to even the most rudimentary civilizations.

Nameless Kingdom

Sanctified Gem:
Transcendent Tourmaline


Rys, Antanians

The Nameless Ones do not speak, they transmit their thoughts to you, and interpret it for you.

Special classes:
Coming.. when someone discovers the first one!

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