Quicklinks are something that can be typed into chat, to get a more quick method of getting to a place on the internet.

Quicklink Location (example)
wiki: Nameless Lands Wiki (wiki:start)
id: Nameless Lands Forum (id:1)
google: Google something (google:cake+is+great)
define: Define a word using google's dictionary (define:cake)
dfid: BYOND Developer Forum (dfid:455000)
hub: BYOND hub (hub:divinetraveller.namelesslands)
people: BYOND Member page (people:divinetraveller)
bash: Bash.org quote database (bash:10)
bbash: Gazoot's byondbash quote database (bbash:10)
xkcd: XKCD comic (xkcd:666)
snopes: Snopes database (snopes:cake)

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