The Rys are a highly intelligent assortment of people. They live in a place some would call heaven — though it just floats atop the earth.

Before the great battle:
The Rys had not realized their full potential yet, and had not been living in the clouds. They lived day to day in a small town on the earth, with a strongly basic life — since it was all they could manage.

After the great battle:
The Rys had been gifted with great, resourceful minds from the Nameless Kingdom, due to their "giving up," when the battle seemed to have taken a turn for the worst.


Sanctified Gem:
Radiant Ruby

Nameless Ones


Using the same speak as the Antanians and The Rair, except they do not use 'vowels' (or y); making them very difficult to understand when they speak, however, they are peoples of few words.

Special classes:
Coming.. when someone discovers the first one!

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