The Rair

A peaceful civilization, not yet tainted by the concept of war. They're friendly to all, hostile only to the daemons of the land.

The Rair were not overly affected by the great battle, since they found their own gem, as though it had descended upon them in mystery. Except, one day, one of their greatest leaders went on a journey to find "the truth about our existence." As a result of this, no one seemed to notice that the gem had disappeared from the Shrine. Some time later, someone happened upon the gem in the sand, and heard a voice which they could not understand, with a seemingly forbidding voice; though none of them could understand it, someone seemed to carry the meaning on.

*The Rair are strictly NPCs, and are not playable.

Sanctified Gem:
Timeless Topaz

Same as the Antanians.

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